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Woman orders $48 unicorn cake from carousell: Complains when cake looks ugly



Recently, a woman took up arms on Facebook against local bakery Saffire Patisserie on what she claims was fraudulent marketing on the part of the bakery. Having ordered a unicorn cake that was advertised in an appealing manner, the woman (Arthur Da) was rudely shocked by the final product that she received.

Though the cake could be passed off as a unicorn cake, it barely resembled the original cake that was listed on Saffire’s carousell page.

Original Facebook post by Arthur Da

The cake advertised vs cake actually delivered

Many have taken to the Facebook post put out by Arthur Da and opinions have been heavily divided.

Some claim that the cake at $48 is a steal, and that given the market rate for unicorn cakes Arthur Da should not have expected anything more.

Others though suggest that the blame lies squarely with the bakery. The pictures that were originally put up were misleading, and the customer is hardly to be blamed for getting worked up over this.

Here’s what the owner of Saffire Patisserie had to say in response:

And here are some responses from members of the public

So who do we blame?

Though the bakery’s misleading pictures (which curiously have been removed to be replaced by more accurate depictions) are the crux of the issue at hand, are they not symptomatic of a larger problem at hand?

While it is true that such underhanded business practices prey on unsuspecting customers, the prevalence of such nefarious marketing strategies is encouraged by the consumer psyche here in Singapore.

The constant need to find bargains and undercut the market rates, the drive to scrimp and to locate the best deal possible are mantras drilled into most if not all Singaporeans.

This blind rush to cut corners and be willing to partake in untested transactions all in the name of saving a few dollars, is what fuels these marketing shams.

In the constantly changing, fast-paced society of Singapore an ugly brand of cut-throat consumerism has been deeply entrenched.

Perhaps before we look to put the blame elsewhere, we need to spend some time looking inward; at the sort of individuals who have been bred, to shape and to mould the society of today.



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