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Woman opens cab door and hits elderly cyclist: Laughs it off and does not help



A video was recently released showing a young lady exiting a taxi. Her door hit an elderly cyclist and resulted in the man falling down. However, she refuses to help the man in any way or to even acknowledge the incident.

On August 30, dash cam footage was released of a Comfort DelGro taxi stopping at a traffic light in front of Value Hotel along Balestier Road. As a passenger was alighting, an elderly cyclist with a stack of newspapers and cardboard piled on his bike happened to cycle by.

The passenger, a woman who is identified by her blonde hair, opened her door without checking for oncoming traffic and her door hit the elderly man.

The impact caused the man and his bicycle to topple. However, that was unfortunately not the most shocking part of the incident.

What was really surprising was that instead of stopping to help or apologising, the woman casually gets out of the taxi, laughs, and walks away. Leaving the stunned cyclist standing there staring after her.

Following her, another two taxi passengers exited the vehicle but none of them bothered to help or to even acknowledge the situation.

In fact, there was an additional four other people who were just standing on the sidewalk talking and none of them bothered to extend a hand to help to the elderly man who stood next to his bicycle stunned.

Eventually, the cab driver himself got out of his vehicle to help the man and to pick up his bicycle.

Have people become so self-centred that they believe they are entitled to behave however they wish just because the person is elderly?

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