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Woman gives birth in Grab car while on the way to hospital



Having a baby in unexpected places usually seems more like something from the movies or a very very terrible nightmare. However, for this couple, this quickly became a reality.

In a Facebook post, which has since been made unavailable, Ms Kamal Wani recounted the story of how her baby was born in the backseat of a Grab car.


On August 7, Wani started experiencing strong and frequent contractions. She was advised to head to Thomson Medical Centre immediately

Wani and her husband had initially planned to have their child at home. However, when the pain became too much to bear, Wani got her husband to get a Grab car to take them to the hospital.

She wrote:

I tried to control my body, the contractions and every other pain that comes along. After all, I was in a car, with another stranger. I tried to maintain my calmness. And then, my body decided to go into ACTIVE LABOUR.

At this point, the couple were not even halfway to the hospital.

Wani continued to struggle in pain and kept pushing till her water broke. Shortly after that, her baby was born.

I moaned in pain like an angry ogre that missed its dinner.

Wani continued her Facebook post by talking about how her husband’s fatherly instincts kicked in as the baby was being born.

Instead of their daughter falling onto the floor of the car, Wani’s husband was quick to catch the baby as she was born.

Meanwhile, the Grab driver had rolled down the windows and was directing the heavy traffic so that the couple would have room to give birth.


Wani later said that the car resembled a horrific mass murder scene for which she and her husband felt incredibly guilty for.

However, the driver was kind and drove them to the hospital safely.

He sent us safely to TMC and ensured us it was all right and told us to settle our baby first.

Wani continued by praising the actions of her husband and the Grab driver who goes by the name of Mr Chia Shang Heng.

I would say, my husband is baby Mia’s hero and our Grab driver is our hero for still being tolerant, patient and service-oriented.

She later posted a heartfelt message to both her husband and Grab driver.

Dear husband, thank you for always being there; through my false labour, early labour and transition period. Thank you for being so tolerant towards me. Over the decade, we have created so many wonderful memories. I am glad that we created another one on 7-8-19. We will share this memory with everyone that matters, and continue to make more beautiful memories throughout our lives.

“To our grab driver: Mr Chia Shang Heng,
We can’t thank you enough for being so understanding, kind and tolerant towards us. We apologise for the mess made to your car, the business loss for not having a clean car to drive, and the terrible drama scene you had to deal with while driving. We hope your positive dispositions inspire others to be like you. Thank you once again for being our heroic driver.

Thankfully, both mother and child are doing well despite the chaotic labour.

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