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Wild boar shot by police after endangering public safety at Punggol



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On 21 Nov 2017 at 7.08pm, the Police were alerted to an accident involving a wild boar and a car on Punggol West Flyover.

The injured wild boar was lying on the road when Police officers and ACRES personnel arrived at the location. The wild boar got up and charged towards the officers and members of the public within the vicinity.

The officers fired their Tasers at the boar, but it continued to charge towards them and the public.

As the wild boar was rampaging and was a danger to the people within the vicinity, an officer had to draw his revolver to fire a shot at it, to stop it from injuring anyone.

The wild boar was shot at the neck. The tusked wild boar measured 1.5m from head to tail. The injured wild boar was subsequently handed over to the ACRES personnel.

No one was injured in the incident

Facebook user Abang Pete wrote when he encountered the wild boars:

Driving at Seletar Link, i saw from distance a black plastic bag and steered away to avoid it.

Drove at Sengkang East Road, and I thought i saw the same. Only this time, as I got nearer, I was shocked to see it struggling and kicking away. What the??!

It looked somewhat like a cow lying on the road, so whats a cow doing on the road? In Singapore? When my headlights shone on the poor thing, i realised that it was a huge wild boar, possibly hit by a passing vehicle.

What registered in my memory was its eyes looking at my lights. It was fearful, and noticeably in pain. You know, i hate wild boars and they are what I consider the apex adversaries of the Singaporean soldier, but to see it like that, to put it mildly, was disturbing.



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