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Wheelchair Bound GrabFood Delivery Man Worried About Penalization For Spilling Bubble Tea: Woman Calls For Shop To Take Action



One of the most heartwarming things to see are people who refuse to be tied down by circumstance but instead, choose to continue to live a meaningful life however they can.


One such instance was with this elderly, disabled Grab Food delivery man. This man frequently delivers Grab Food orders to customers on his wheelchair.


However, one day, a woman Yvonne Lian, took to Facebook to share her experience with a spilt drink and how she feels about the lack of support extended to food delivery people.

grabfood driver spills bubble tea 4

In her post, Yvonne opened by talking about how she opened the Grab food bag of an uncle in a wheelchair to retrieve her order from him. However, she was surprised to see the bubble tea she ordered stacked dangerously over each other. One of her drinks had even spilled out into the bag.

grabfood driver spills bubble tea 4

Yvonne continued her post by appealing to Grab Food and bubble tea shop, Itea, to provide trays or some sort of support to assist wheelchair bound delivery guys.

grabfood driver spills bubble tea 4


She ended by talking about how worried the Grab Food driver was that he would be penalised as this was not the first time this has happened.


This was her full post:


Dear GrabFood & Nex outlet,

This poor Uncle came all the way via change of busses and when we opened his grabfood bag, one of the bubbletea had already spilled out. He was worried.

Hope you all can consider using trays instead or do something appropriate to assist wheelchaired delivery guys.

Heard it’s not the first time this poor Uncle experienced this issue from ITea.

Received a call from Grab customer service as Uncle had told them. Very efficient but fret not I’m not blaming anyone here.

Thanks Grab Officer and Uncle. N no no, I’m not asking for refund or extra drink. Just hope if vendor accept special rider, do consider their needs too. In this way, lesser stress and more convenience for seller, delivery guys and buyers. Thank u!!

Thank you!

P.s This applies to all delivery riders. 🙂
Happy seller happy sender happy customer


In the comments of the post, Yvonne updated netizens by saying that Grab has reached out to her and ensured her that the delivery man would not be penalised as this has happened a number of times and is a common problem.

grabfood driver spills bubble tea 4

Yvonne’s post is a timely reminder that we need to make sure that we accommodate the disabled in society and that we spare a thought for the struggles they might be having.

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