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Wedding planner goes missing after taking deposits worth $33k!




Urbane Wedding Concept. With the company’s motto of service – where dreams become reality. For my family, it was a nightmare.

In 2014, my cousin went to Singapore Expo where a wedding convention was held. Various of companies from experienced and traditional vendors to amateurs yet enthusiastic young entrepreneurs who take on a modern twist to the 21st Century wedding concepts.

Once they have made their decision, Urbane Wedding Concept it was.

As months past, deposits have been given without fail. General meet ups in a spread of 2 years were made to make selections of their wedding pieces to form what we thought would be a beautiful and blissful day. On December 23rd 2015, they met with the vendors who gave them the invitation cards and collected wedding gifts of the bride and groom (gubahan), and that was the last of them.

Another meet up was scheduled before hand for the final meeting. It was their fitting, and it was 2 weeks before the big day. Phone calls not answered, text messages not responded. They went to the shop (located at Grandlink Square #02-10) which looked abandoned and eventually the vendor’s home (at Bedok South).

Today is January 16th 2016, my cousin’s wedding day. We are gathered as a family preparing the wedding gifts, the food for the guests. Everything, from scratch. Urbane Wedding Concept has went MIA with no explanation.

My family would like to find Ms Sidah, Mr Sam and Ms Nadiah and demand an explanation of their actions and full refund of the deposits (approximately SGD $33,000 from both sides) my Cousin has made in the past 2 years out of his ‘halal’ hard earned money. Police report has been made in addition to this.

I appreciate any help given and received by family and friends to help my Cousin with this painful experience on his wedding day. Assalamualaikum and have a good night everyone.



Source: Amirah

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