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We rented 3 cars from him but now he’s nowhere to be found! Help!



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Hari Raya Swindler On The Run

Brother in law found Reagen Chew NRIC S8726777F in Social Network renting out his cars cause he claimed he is going for a holiday with his family to Batam hence no one will be using the cars. We rented 3 cars from him; Suzuki Swift, Hyundai & Suzuki APV. Reagan claimed his dad owns a workshop. And some of the cars are his and some are from his dad’s workshop which he claimed located in Geylang. Paperwork and contract done. Some deposits given to him by cash and some were transferred to account POSB Savings 118-82779-1 on 28th June 2015.
Throughout the period, we were in contact. He was indeed convincing until he stopped replying messages and answering our calls 2 days before our collection date. We were told to collect the cars today at 11am. As a typical swindler, he went missing in action. We google-d and found someone else actually reported on him 2 days ago with the same issue.

We would like to create awareness and ensure that the culprit will get caught. It is suppose to be a happy event, our festive season, but it turned out bad before the day comes. Can you imagine people whom saved up just for this and all has gone to waste and yet they still have to fork out more money on the actual day. We might have alternatives but others may not be as lucky. Others may not have enough time and money to find another car to rent. This is just too sad.

Please help to share this post and create awareness!

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Source: Razis L Shima



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