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Vulgar words spotted in Crimewatch episode



Words that are typically considered to be vulgar were recently spotted in a list that was featured in an old Crimewatch episode.

Crimewatch is a popular local television show which is shown on free-to-air Mediacorp channels.

The show is  produced by the National Crime Prevention Council and the Singapore Police Force and it focuses on police officers as they solve cases and dole out crime prevention advice

Recently, Reddit user ‘GreetingsGamblers’ noticed that words referring to male and female genital parts were included in a list that was featured in a 2013 episode  of the show.

The list featured a long list of fake names and mixed amongst them were the words ‘chee bai’ and ‘lan’ which are generally not looked upon well when used in conversation.

The likely culprit would be a cheeky staff member on the show though it is unclear how this made it on air.

Do you think this is funny or unacceptable to be put up on television?

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