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Thousands of bees swarmed two blocks of flat in Sengkang



 bees sengkang

Thousands of bees swarmed into two blocks of flats in Sengkang on Monday night, forcing some residents to close their doors and windows – and one to wear a raincoat for protection.

At about 8pm on Monday night, swarms of bees flew to a 17th-floor unit at Block 122C, Sengkang East Way, gathering by a window.

The bees also flew into corridors, lifts, a multipurpose pavilion and even into eight units at Block 122C and neighbouring Block 122E, Rivervale Drive.

More than 100 residents from the first to the 17th floors of Block 122C were affected by the bees. It is unknown why they appeared.

Another 68 year-old resident Ms Fan said she put on a raincoat before leaving her house to avoid getting stung.

“Just to be sure, I wore a raincoat, but luckily the bees didn’t attack me. Because the floor was covered with dead bees, the maid came out to clear them and pricked her finger.”

At about 12.30PM on Tuesday, the Town Council sent a pest exterminator to help residents deal with the bees. Pest exterminator Mohammad Safuan responded to the scene.

Speaking to the media, Safuan said that the bees were there only temporarily and might have been drawn to the lights at night. He assured residents that the bees had not begun building a nest. He would clear the bees by spraying them with chemicals.

A beehive was reportedly found in a nearby multipurpose hall a few months ago, with pest exterminators being called in.


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