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This couple paid $2,700 for their wedding photos to turn out disastrous



For the millennial crowd, some of our biggest pet peeves include a) being shat on for our impulsive spending habits; b) ridiculed for eating avocados for brunch; and c) having a really bad photographer with no sense of aesthetic take photos for us. For Ivan Tan and his wife, they were unlucky enough to land themselves with option C on their wedding day.

Photo Credit: Ivan Tan / Facebook

According to a Facebook post by Mr Tan, the newly weds decided to post their “devastating actual wedding day photos” 3 months after the big day so as to warn other couples.

Photo Credit: Ivan Tan / Facebook

Most of the outdoor pictures turned out to be overexposed and the rest shot at unflattering angles.

Photo Credit: Ivan Tan / Facebook

Imagine paying $2,700 to look pretty in white only to have your mother’s red blouse making an appearance in the background.

Photo Credit: Ivan Tan / Facebook

The production company in charged —namely Reflection Photography— not only refuted all accusations made by the couple but also blamed it on the subjects and environment for the bad photos. Never mind that they were mean — the chief photographer’s defence was that they neglected producing quality over quantity.

Photo Credit: Ivan Tan / Facebook

Judging from the harsh comments they’ve been getting due to this furore, it’s time they do some reflecting on their ethics.

Photo Credit: Ivan Tan / Facebook

To be fair, Mr Tan did admit that he didn’t browse through Reflection’s portfolio thoroughly. Guess this serves as another lesson learnt to millennials — always do your research before committing to something.

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