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Teen Bragged About Speed, Killed Man In Accident, Gets 6 Years Inside



A teenager who bragged on social media about speeding killed a man in a car accident the day after – and was given 6 years in prison.

Addil Haroon, 19, crashed into Joseph Brown-Lartey’s car in an 80mph smash in Rochdale, a day after boasting about speeding on Snapchat.

Haroon ran a red light in his hired Audi A6 and ended up ploughing into another Audi that was being driven by Joseph. The crash was so severe, that Mr Brown-Lartey’s car was split into two.

142mph crash

The crash happened only 24 hours after Mr Haroon bragged on Snapchat about getting to Rochdale from Leeds in 11 minutes – a journey that usually takes up to 45 minutes.

Along with a picture, his message read: “Leeds to Rochdale in 11 minutes. Catch me.”

142mph snapchat

According to the Manchester Evening News, the Attorney General – the Crown and government’s chief legal adviser – is set to review the sentence, after it was deemed too lenient by members of the public.

A spokeswoman for the Attorney General’s office said:

We have been asked to consider whether Addil Haroon’s sentence is unreasonably low, under the unduly lenient sentence scheme.

The Attorney or Solicitor General will make a decision by June 25 as to whether the case should be referred to the Court of Appeal.

Joseph Brown LarteyJoseph Brown Lartey

The Court of Appeal has the power to increase the sentence or decide if it should stay the same.

We hope it’s the former.

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