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Taxi driver shames supposedly drunk lady for not paying taxi fare



It seems like in today’s society, when things don’t go our way, we take it to social media in hopes of getting what we want.

That is what one taxi driver recently did when a drunk female passenger that he picked up at Raffles Place did not have money to pay for her taxi fare.


A 2-minute video posted on Facebook shows said taxi driver recording himself trying to get a young lady to pay the taxi fare while repeatedly saying things like “Do you want to pay the taxi fare” and “I will make you famous”.

The lady, on the other hand, seemed intoxicated and kept mentioning that she did want to pay for the fare. However, she also did not seem to have a bag or purse with her despite her repeatedly asking if she could have her bag so that she could get her wallet.

The taxi driver responded by saying that she had gotten into the taxi without a bag and opened both the taxi door and the trunk to show her that her bag was not there.

The video ended off with the driver saying that he had called the police and that they were coming soon.

Netizens mostly sided with the lady and many of them were furious with the taxi driver, saying that what he did was completely unnecessary and that he should not have shamed her, especially since she was drunk and not clear of mind. Many also said that he was a big bully for trying to make the girl go viral.






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