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Take note when purchasing from NTUC Fairprice Bedok. Discrepancy found in the weight and price of their fresh products.




Photo shows that the weight of the Pumpkin is 0.766kg but the actual weight is 0.436kg.

Dear friends, please be careful when you shop at supermarkets! I’m not one who likes posting negative stuff on Facebook but this JUST happened to me and can happen to you (who probably didn’t even realise it).

I was choosing pumpkins and realised that it weighs about twice as much on the price tag than the actual product weight. So I asked the staff about it and they said they’d change new ones for me. Got the “new ones” but luckily, we went to weigh them again (obviously, because once bitten, twice shy).

No surprise, the price tags did not tally AGAIN. So I told the staff again, until they printed the correct labels. I don’t know if these discrepancies are a result of human error in an accidental sense, or the lack of integrity within the supermarket’s operational team but PLEASE ALWAYS MAKE IT A POINT TO CHECK BEFORE PAYING because you could be paying quite a substantial sum in the long run, and more money for the supermarkets for nothing!

H/T: Chloe Wang



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