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Suspicious woman loitering around my corridor asking if there was any baby around




Facebook post by Aisyah mentioned that she was shocked to discover what her maid told her today.

It reads:

On the 10/11/2016 in the afternoon, my Indonesian maid whom had been working for us for about 1 month, was at home with my 3 kids (2 years, 3years and 5 years old). On the same day at about 1900hrs, I returned home and was told by my maid that earlier on at about 1210hrs, when out the corridor of her unit, one plump female Malay in her 50s wearing white top and brown bottom, with dark complexion and shoulder-length curly hair had approached her to ask if our neighbour unit (unable to recall unit number) is an Indian family and was there any baby.

My maid told them that she was unsure and then the female subject was seen loitering along the corridor for at least 15 minutes and knocking on our Indian national neighbor’s unit (one couple with one 3-4 years old kid) before leaving.

No police was called as my maid was unsure what to. I am lodging the report to provide information to police as recently there was a Facebook news stating similar issues.


Could this be the Yishun case? What say you?



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