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Stopped by a R&R in the wee hours and discovered something heart wrenching




Driving home, I stopped by a R&R. Wee hours. And I heard a child cry. Yes, you can imagine goosebumps and all, now that the devil is free roaming around.

As I was looking around. I saw this. As in photo. A young kid and one adult was sleeping in the cubicle in the toilet marked Bilik Persalinan.(Changing room)

Only a towel and his arm as a pillow for the kid, both slept quietly on the cold hard floor.

I asked the guard nearby. Yup,father daughter. Please do not report. He is a good father. Homeless urban poor.

I do not dare to wake him up this night. Clearly I wouldn’t know what to expect if he wakes up. And I trust the guard. My gut feeling says, its OK.

I pass the guard my card to pass it to him. Who knows. But for now, I just slip in cash. Tonight is still Hari Raya. We are now in comfort of our cooling air con planning next open house and somewhere out there, its just like any other day. A kid sleeping in the toilet, please imagine your own kid there now. That is how helpless I feel now.

A dad doing his best. That is what the guard says. Who am I to judge but pray. This photo is real and its mine. Scares me a lot.

I know what you guys were thinking and it crosses my mind. Taking this photo alone is scary too. Please do not pressure me on this. Imagine my ordeal tonight, now… As a doer, my mind is racing thinking with my limitations.

Dear public, me and my team strongly need your support. Urban poor is real and its closer to home then we expected. Do Google if you don’t understand what is urban poor and why you and I could be one of them in the future. I am not kidding. Its not really money I am asking but more to awareness of the problem. My hope on the government, ….. What would I know, I am just a boy.

My plan now is to try to catch them again tomorrow morning. With breakfast and a chat. Please pray with me. This is all I asked.

Its funny because at any given time, I would never have to sneak down looking through a toilet door. That is not me.

I beg you to give constructive comment if you must. Please don’t cry.

My name is Syed Azmi. I saw this and I don’t know why me as I ask Allah, I am merely a nobody to make changes. The challenge is too deep for a small lamb like me.


After that night I went to the same place 3 nights in a row. Could not find them or the guard. Went further radius also could not find them.

I do have a lead though, but I can only confirm this when I am back home again.
be observant, cases like this are everywhere. Thank you!

I could not sleep tonight. So many things on my mind. Meet up with friends chat about my day till 3 glasses of drinks and its a wrap.



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