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Staying in Yishun? Chicken rice stall at North Point food court basement is no longer HALAL.




Dear, YISHUN muslim residents, please take note/ share/ aware/ noted on this!!!
Yesterday, 05.06.16 I went to North Point food court Basement to eat at the Chicken Rice stall. It comes to my attention when the aunty & uncle giving me that staring look when I’m in queue.. So in doubts, I wonder where is the Makcik or Kakak who used to served?

Just when my eyes starts to linger looking at the next stall.. I notice the HALAL Certificates!!!  Only the Western Cuisine & Local Delights are Halal.

But sadly, the Chicken Rice stall is not HALAL anymore. The first 2 top pictures shown there are no Halal cert or sticker at the Chicken Rice stall… Just like Western Cuisine & Local Delights.

Please tell your friend or family member who might still unaware of it just like me…

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