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Staff at Tan Tock Seng Hospital allegedly injected the wrong fluid into patient, causing her to be dehydrated



Being hospitalised is already quite a traumatising experience, but to receive horrible treatment while you’re there is a completely different issue.

Sadly, this just recently happened to a patient at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. On June 22, Saturday, Mr Cheong CT uploaded a post onto Facebook to voice out his mothers terrible experience with the service and staff of Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

He recounted 3 incidences where his mother was not properly treated.

The first incident was when a Nurse informed him that the wrong fluid had been injected into his mother, causing her to become dehydrated. In response to the incident, the doctor-in-charge just apologised to Mr Cheong CT.

The second incident was pertaining to an appointment that they had made with a Lung Specialist Doctor at 11.30am. The patient allegedly waited for more than an hour before they left. Only at 1:12pm did the doctor call and say that she was busy and could not make it to the appointment.

The final incident involved a nurse injecting his mother 5 to 6 times just to draw blood. When his mother questioned her, she had told her that it was because she was an inexperienced nurse and she was not very good at drawing blood.

After the first post went up, the staff of Tan Tock Seng Hospital had requested to have the it removed.

However, on June 23, Sunday, Mr Cheong CT put up another post regarding the issue.

He mentioned that a fourth incident had occured.

In the post, he documented that it was 7:29pm and his mother had yet to receive the medication that she needed for the swelling on her arm.

He also mentioned that the staff had apologised for the previous instances but despite that, they continued to provide terrible standard of care by neglecting his mother.

Mr Cheong CT also mentioned that he was really “pissed off” and that the staff only “[had] time to look at [his] Facebook post but no time to take care [of] the patients.





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