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Soup Restaurant in Singapore served customer scallops despite her informing them of her allergy



Note: Food allergy is really no joking matter at all!

On 17 June 2018, a female consumer at Jurong Point’s Soup restaurant was served seafood despite having repeatedly informed the waiters earlier that she is allergic to shellfish.

She ordered three egg dishes with spinach and even double checked with the staff to ascertain that they were no seafood inside the food.

On first bite, she felt there was an ingredient that looked like scallop thus she “asked again and the waiter deny there was any scallop and said it’s just shredded egg”.

Due to her allergy to seafood, she was admitted to Ng Teng Fong’s Accident & Emergency (A&E) after consuming scallop found in one of the ordered dishes.

She expressed that she “had a few mouth and felt weird and found shreds of unknown ingredient that looked like scallop”.

She then “asked another waiter and kinda got brushed off  till the 4th time the waiter finally agreed to ask the kitchen after I emphasis it looked like scallop and I am allergic to shellfish”.

She experienced discomfort, had itchy skin and her eyes started swelling as well.


So here I am lying on the bed at ng teng Fong’s A&E after my meal at Soup Restaurant 三盅两件 Jurong point branch…

Posted by Huijin Jinnie on Sunday, 17 June 2018


After this horrifying incident, she put up a Facebook post and shared about her experience with everyone, especially those with food allergies.

This post serves to remind all to not take food allergies lightly as it can cause damaging and detrimental repercussions.

Her father went back to the restaurant and was told that the restaurant “will feedback to management”.

According to the victim, it does not cut it for the waiter to say, “oh they put a little bit inside only” when she already informed them beforehand of her seafood allergy.

In sum, this situation could have been prevented or better managed and more needs to be done to raise awareness on the severity of overlooking food allergies.

Perhaps more can be done to educate F&B stalls on the importance of respecting their customers’ needs and take their food allergies extremely seriously.



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