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Singaporean Leukaemia survivor now seeks liver donation after liver failure



A man who has overcome getting diagnosed with Leukaemia and undergoing a bone marrow transplant is now struggling with a liver failure and is appealing for a liver donation.

Photo Credit: Appeal For Liver Donation For Gan Beng Seng

Gan Beng Seng, 47, has lived a tough life. He was diagnosed with Leukaemia and underwent a bone marrow transplant. Thankfully, he was able to go into remission.

As traumatic as that was, his suffering was not over.

On May 23,  Beng Seng was hospitalised from an acute liver failure. In fact, his condition is so bad that his only option is to get a liver donation.

On May 24, Beng Seng’s wife took to Facebook to share their plight and to appeal for suitable donors to step forward. She posted this plea on a Facebook page she created called  “Appeal for liver donation for Gan Beng Seng,”

The post read:

I am wife of Gan Beng Seng. We are living in Singapore. Beng Seng is suffering from acute liver failure and is in urgent need for a liver donor. The donor has to be 21-60 years old, medically fit and with the blood type B+ or O+. Hoping that you are willing to help a loving father with 2 young children. Please share this on your page and spread the word. I am forever grateful and thankful for your kindness. Please contact me at this facebook page if you are willing to help. #HelpBengSeng

Photo Credit: Appeal For Liver Donation For Gan Beng Seng

Netizens responded immediately with many coming forward to get tested to see if they were suitable.

However, on May 28, Beng Seng’s wife took to Facebook again to say that while they were grateful for the people who stepped forward, a match was not found.

She wrote:

Dear friends,

I sincerely thank those kind potential donors who came forward after my first appeal. Unfortunately, based on the hospital screening, we still have not found a good donor match.

Both Beng Seng and I are terribly desperate at this junction of our life. Time is not on our side. His condition is very critical and liver transplant is the only solution. May I plead for more kind souls to please come forward to help my husband. You are not just saving a life, you are saving a family. We will be eternally grateful to you.

Liver donor requirements –
weight : 60kg to 80kg
age : 21 to 50
blood group : B+ or O+
General Health:
1)no hepatitis carrier
2)no other medical conditions

please contact Ron @ 96646271


His wife, with whom he has two teenage sons, emphasised that her husband’s condition had become very critical.

Thus far, many friends as well as strangers have shared the post and many are trying their best to see how they can help even if they do not fulfil the requirements.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Gan is also currently on the waiting list for a deceased donor.

If you are willing to help Beng Seng and his family, and you fulfil the requirements as listed below, consider stepping forward to help save his life.

  • 21 to 50 years old

  • Medically fit

  • Blood type B+ or O+

  • Not a carrier of Hepatitis



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