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Singapore students bully visibly handicapped peer with toilet brush and toilet seat cover



A video showcasing three students bullying a visibly handicapped peer with a toilet brush, a trash bag and a toilet seat cover has gone viral on Twitter.

Photo Credit: @hvsyaa

In the video, which has since been retweeted 3.3k times, two girls in school uniforms can be seen harassing a handicapped girl while another student filmed the incident. The incident apparently happened in a bathroom.

The bullies berate the handicapped girl repeatedly in Malay while using a toilet brush to ‘stab’ her and to hit her.

Then, the bullies take a detached toilet seat and hang it around the girl’s neck. She is seen to be wearing a trash bag and is constantly struggling.

Photo Credit: @hvsyaa

At many points in the video, the girl tries to fight back but is held back by her disability and the fact that the bullies are quick to brandish their ‘weapon’ in order to hold her back.

The video, which was originally posted on Snapchat, was recorded and uploaded to Twitter by @hvsyaa. The tweet garnered 180 replies with some people identifying the bully in the video to be a girl by the username of ‘Babyiraa_’.

The viral video also caught the attention of the cousin of ‘Babyiraa_’ who commented on the video asking for it to stop being spread.

She claimed that the family had counselled the girl, who is allegedly from Assumption Pathway School, and that they were trying to get the video removed from social media.

Photo Credit: @hvsyaa

Photo Credit: @hvsyaa

Additionally, the bully personally responded to the video in a post on her Instagram Stories.

In her post, the girl claimed that they were ‘okay’ with the girl that that they were just ‘too harsh’. She put out a call asking for the video to be taken down and claimed that she would settle things with the girl who posted the video.

It was noted that there was no remorse in her post or any intention to apologise to the handicapped girl that they bullied.

Photo Credit: @hvsyaa

Netizens were united in their feelings about the situation with many berating the bully for not offering a personal apology.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Many of them also called for police or school involvement and challenged her to be aware that she might find herself in a similar situation with a future child she might have.

Photo Credit: Twitter

How do you think this should be handled? Is this an internal school matter or one that should be brought to the attention of the authorities?

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