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Siberian husky attacks on mini poodle at a dog cafe in Seoul



A Siberian Husky violently attacked a mini Poodle leading to an unfortunate death at a dog cafe in Seoul.

The owner of the mini Poodle shared her loss of her pet in a popular online forum.

The CCTV footage from the cafe shows the Siberian husky approaching the mini poodle and violently biting the animal’s neck.

The attack proved to be too much to handle for the smaller dog. When the husky left, the mini poodle collapsed on the floor and died at the scene after spilling too much blood.

The owner of the cafe explained that the owner of the Siberian husky apologized to the mini poodle’s owner but however, the poodle owner insists that the husky should be put to sleep.

Moreover, the poodle owner wants the cafe to close down and threatened to burn the place down if they don’t adhere to her demands.

Watch the video: Viewer discretion is advised


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