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Second child almost drowns at Bukit Batok Pool this week: Parents reminded to watch their child



On 6 July, Facebook user Wong Chee Wai posted a video taken at Bukit Batok Pool showing a young boy being resuscitated by lifeguards and his father after he nearly drowned in the pool.

The video showed two lifeguards and the boy’s father crowded around a small boy and administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on him.

Near drowning

Little girl near-drowning experience at Bukit Batok Swimming complex. Where are the parents?Thankfully, there are lifeguards around the area.Thelocalsociety

Posted by Thelocalsociety on Friday, 6 July 2018

Later, one of the lifeguards ran to get an oxygen machine. After a couple of futile attempts, the boy opened his eyes and with the help of the machine, started breathing normally again.

While this was happening, a woman, who is presumably the boy’s mother, could be heard frantically screaming at the three lifeguards and saying, “What you all do?” over and over again.

This is allegedly the second case of an almost drowning at this pool.

Just the day before, a boy almost drowned but was rescued in time by the lifeguards.

The Facebook user ended his post by issuing a warning to all parents to watch their children as lifeguards were not babysitters nor were they responsible for watching every single child in the pool. Rather, it is the parent’s responsibility to keep a watchful eye on their children at all times.

This is the full post:

This is 2nd case of a gal drowning but rescued case this morning, followed by yesterday a boy drowning but rescued case.

Both case occurred at Bukit Batok Pool, and both case is due to parents not looking at the child….

As can be seen the lifeguards are doing their best to rescue the child, but the mummy keep yelling “what u all do… what u all do…” Parents has to do their part if they were to bring their child to the pool, and not throw 101% responsibilities to the lifeguards…

Do remember that: Lifeguards are not nanny nor babysitter…


This is especially important because drownings are not as dramatic as they are portrayed on television or in the movies. Rather, they are usually rather quiet.

Victims do not usually thrash around as much as they are busy trying to get their heads above water.

You may notice bobbing, uncoordinated and feeble attempts at swimming and the victim may try to roll over on their back.

This is why it is important that parents keep a close eye on their children as a single lifeguard cannot possibly be responsible for every single one of the many children in a pool.

More information on the signs of drowning can be found here.

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