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[Scam alert]: No, Mini Cooper Singapore is not giving away a FREE car. Period!




If you happened to see your friends sharing Mini Cooper giveaway, please stop immediately. Thousands of Singaporean has fall for “Mini Cooper” scam giveaway.

This time round, they asked you to LIKE their page, Shared this post, comment black or red and even ask you to visit their malicious site.

If you happen to visit the site(We don’t recommend you clicking the site), This will appear as per screenshot below.



It stated that:

“$4.28 w/GST per sms, 4 sms/week. 4 sms sent out in 1 day. 10 credits a week. Weekly subscription service MobiPlus Singapore. This is a Mobile Content Subscription service until you quit. Charge applied to mobile phone bill. Only GPRS enabled phone are able to download. Data charges may apply. Only for Android. You will get 10 credits per week: Ringtones cost 3 credits, Wallpapers 2 credits, Games and Apps 5 credits, Videos 4 credits. To stop the subscription send STOP COOL to 146073300. If you do not send STOP COOL to the 146073300 the service will be renewed automatically. Customer service hotline: 63387005 (Operating Hours: 9am-6pm Mon. – Fri.). Powered by Macro Kiosk Pte Ltd”

Mini Cooper official facebook page is aware of this and has reported to facebook to take this down

Now, tell your friends NOT to share this post.



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