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Scam Alert: More then 70 people scammed by a bogus recruitment agent





Scam Alert: This guy name, Karim Amin claims that his an Assistant Manager in a recruit agency. He is 38 years old born in 1977 and he goes around
offering people adhoc jobs and in this case as Sea Games event assistants , towel-boy and laundry assistant.

This morning at 9 a.m , 60++ people were present near a building located at North Bridge Road purpotedly to be the training venue for the job.
At 9.30 a.m through the WhatsApp group he apologises for being late. Half an hour later, at 10 a.m his mobile was switched off and uncontactable.

Police were called in and IOs dropped by to investigate. The victims have made their payment , some 2 weeks prior to the “event”. Some were students who skipped school to attend the training. Others were sincere job seekers and young working adults aged between 16-45.

Here’s how he do it.
He promise his target to get pay $900 for 7 working days from 5th – 11 June, 12 hours work – and he claimed to have limited job slots. Then, he pretends to “need more people” he will then ask the personto scout for 15 – 20 more workers to fill up the slots. Karim claimed that the training is from 18th- 20th of May 9a.m – 5p.m.

Each person is instructed to pay $35 per head, for the registration fee and uniform. The money is either paid to him personally or transferred.
On the day of “training” he did not turn up and absconded with the money.
Another lady of anonymous background also approached the same WhatsApp group members and offered them job openings. They are believed to have connection and perform similar scam techniques.

Please be wary of such people and do not pay any amount of money for the jobs offered by these hoax recruit agencies/ personnels.
If you find them suspicious , turn down their offer and alert the people around you. A word of advice, recruitment agency don’t charge you any amount unless you got the job and start working. No upfront payment should be given at all.

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