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Sales consultant pressures boy with Dyslexia to purchase S$426 worth of beauty products



It’s always hard to turn down a persuasive salesperson and we ourselves hate dealing with such people, especially if we don’t use the products that they are promoting. While it is their job to promote whatever product that they are representing, some of them tend to take things a tad bit too far.

On 26 July, Friday, Miss Norhayati Eb-Rahem took to Facebook to warn people to be careful of the salespeople at a particular store at JEM. In the post, she talked about how recently, an 18-year old boy with Dyslexia was pressured into purchasing products from this store despite not wanting to.

The boy had been walking around JEM looking for a shoe shop when he was stopped by one of the store’s sales consultants who led him into the store to try on facial products. The boy had allegedly tried to turn the consultant down but failed multiple times, despite mentioning that he was not keen on the product and that he did not have enough money to do so.

The sales consultant then proceeded to question the boy on how much money he had with him and began to recommend products equivalent to his budget.

He was given the impression that the only way that he could leave the store was to purchase something, so he did so and only then was he allowed to leave the shop.

The boy then proceeded to resume searching for the shoe shop that he initially wanted to patronise, but when he tried to pay for the shoes, he was told that he did not have enough money for the payment to go through.

He then proceeded to call his mother for help as he did not understand why the payment could not go through.

Miss Norhayati Eb-Rahem then went on to say that while she understands that KPI and sales targets are some of the ways to incentivise productive employees, but she feels that this particular organisation took it too far by targeting a boy with Dyslexia.

She also said that the boy was since refunded for the products that he was coerced to buy.

Many of the comments on the post sympathised with her, with some of them saying that they themselves have experienced similar scenarios with very persuasive sales consultants themselves.


Some people mentioned that we should not blame the salespeople for doing so because it was part of their job scope. 

While others said that it was not entirely the salesperson’s fault and that the boy should have just walked away.


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