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Rider sped off without stopping to help after accident on TPE




Herman shared videos of an accident involving two motorcycles that was caught on video on Tuesday (21 May) at around 4:17 am according to the timestamp on the camera.

In the post, he mentioned that one of the rider involved was his dad and he needs help from social media to identify the other rider who sped off without stopping to help

We have compiled the video below.


If you can’t read it, this is what he wrote:

Anyone who got the information of the rider please informed us . It happened at today at 430am on 21/05/2018.
After you hit my Dad motorcycle. You never even want to stop and check but you Run off …
Happened at the exit to Anchorvale Rd ..
He is badly injuries due to your dangerous riding attitude.

This happened at the exit to Anchorvale Road.

Currently, his dad sustained injuries and is seeking medical treatment.



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