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Revengeful mother goes into rage and slaps other boys



mother beat son

I am filled with indignant at what happened to a close friend’s son at CHS this morning….sharing the story on fb so people can see how unbelievable this person’s behaviour is.

My friend’s son X accidentally hit this person’s son Y yesterday but X has already apologised to Y. She found out about it when she sent her son to school this morning…and promptly went to a boy whom she mistook for X and slapped him. She then realised she hit the wrong boy, sought X out and also slapped him! She said to X “This is what it feels like to be slapped”. She did it in full view of a class of boys shocking the lot.

Its outrageous how she can take things into her own hands and resort to such an act of revenge against X and the other boy! The 2 boys were in a state of shock and so upset. If she had an issue with her child getting accidentally hit, the protocol would be to raise it to the form teacher. This is madness!

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 12.32.18 pm

Update: Police report have been made and investigation ongoing

Source: Valerie Teo



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