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Repeated reckless Maserati driver arrested for dangerous driving



Police have arrested a Maserati driver who was caught on camera for speeding, going against traffic and stopping recklessly in front of a lorry.

The driver, a 49-year-old man, is currently under investigation. The incident happened on September 11, where the owner of the Maserati was unhappy that the lorry driver cut into his lane.

In an act of anger, he sped towards the lorry and tried to overtake it on a two-lane road before missing and running over a road-divider, going against traffic.

The driver nearly crashed into other vehicles and a traffic light.

He then stopped in front of the lorry — exact reasons are unknown, but probably for confrontational purposes. Watch the full video here.

This is apparently not the first time the Maserati driver was captured on camera for reckless driving. Facebook user Derrick Love Ginnie Gan posted a video of the driver playing “braking games” and tailgating a car.

Separately, the same driver was also caught two years ago for intimidating a motorcyclist on the road.



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