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Rats were found chilli tank at Giant supermarket in Malaysia




Images of rats hiding at a chill tank recently surfaced and causing a huge outrage among Malaysians! The photos were uploaded to facebook user Winnie Tan and it shows the disgusting scene of rats that created their own home within the chilli tank.

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According to Winnie Tan, the image was taken in Giant Supermarket located in Kuala Terengganu.

Netizens throughout Malaysia were extremely disgusted by the horrifying pictures and many are calling to boycott the supermarket.

“I’ve boikot them for a long time because they are not hygienic. Sometimes as I walk through the fish section, I can smell a kind of stink. Better go to Jusco.”

“This place must shut down. A full cleanliness inspection must be done. Seems like we must be careful even aside from eateries.”

However, after the pictures went viral, Giant finally cleaned out the nasty infested tank and filled it with new chilies.


Update: Giant has since released a public apology and released an official statement as below:




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