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Popular chinese tonic shop selling bird nest claimed that this is normal and refused to refund



A post by Rice Shine posted in a group Urban Farmers saying that she bought bird nest from ZTP but found a white color cotton-like web inside.

This is what he said:

Help. What is this white color cotton-like web inside this dried fig I bought? Has it gone moldy? The shop assistant said its normal which I doubt. Thanks

The shop is ZTP Ginseng Birdnest Pte Ltd at Simei. The shop assistant insisted it’s normal and edible. Refused a refund and I had to exchange for another product which I did not really need.

I just happened to tear apart the first one and saw this. This is second time this ZTP Ginseng Birdnest Pte Ltd shop at Simei sold me moldy dried fig like this. First time I just let them off because I was not sure.

I hope more people will be aware of this mold or fungus inside the dried fig and be cautioned not to eat it or else might get hit by some serious food poisoning. I also hope the boss of this shop, ZTP Ginseng Birdnest Pte Ltd, at Simei (East Point Mall) will caution his sales assistants not to tell people such infected products are still edible.



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