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Police on the hunt for man who threatened to blow up shop in Boon Lay MRT station



The Singapore Police Force is currently searching for a man who threatened to blow up a pawn shop at Boon Lay MRT station on 28 July (Saturday).

In a Facebook post made by the Singapore Police Force, they said that at about 4.30pm in the afternoon, a man entered a pawn shop located at Boon Lay MRT Station. He was armed with a knife and what is believed to be a replica of a gun. The man then demanded that the sales assistant hand over cash and jewellery.

The employee refused and when that happened, the man allegedly threatened to blow up the shop.

He then claimed he had an explosive device on him and threw an object on the counter of the shop. He then ran from the pawn shop without taking any items.

The police have since released the CCTV footage of the encounter.


The staff reacted quickly by throwing the object out of the pawnshop and then calling the police.

The police closed off exit C of the MRT station and told the public that they were investigating a suspicious object. They were seen walking in and out of the pawn shop taking photos.

Upon investigation, the police determined that the object only contained some electrical components and that it was not actually an explosive device.

No one was injured in this incident.

This is the post by the police on the incident:

Update: Incident @ Boon Lay MRT Station

Police preliminary investigations revealed that a man entered a pawnshop located outside Boon Lay MRT station on 28 July at about 4.30pm. The man threatened the shop staff with a knife, as well as a gun that is believed to be a replica, and demanded them to hand over the cash and jewellery. Failing in his robbery attempt as the shop staff had refused his demands, the man then allegedly told the staff he would blow the pawnshop up with an object that he claimed was an explosive device. The man then threw the said object on the counter and fled the pawnshop without taking any items. The said object was immediately thrown out of the pawnshop by the staff who then called the police. No staff were injured.

The Police had established that the object only contained some electrical components.

The Police have classified the case under Section 4(A) of the Arms Offences Act. Anyone found guilty of using or attempting to use any arm at the time of his committing or attempting to commit any scheduled offence shall, whether or not he has any intention to cause physical injury to any person or property, be guilty of an offence and shall on conviction be punished with death.

The police have currently put out an appeal for information. According to them, the suspect is about 1.75m tall and was last seen wearing a pink turban, blue jacket and long brown pants.

Anyone with information can call the police hotline at 1800-255-0000 or submit information online at All information will be kept strictly confidential.

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