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Please beware of this malay lady pretend to be poor and demand for higher amount after I’ve donated what I have left.




Guys, please BEWARE of this Malay lady.

She approached me two days ago asking for directions and share with me her sad story saying that her friend paitau her la, cheated her la, she waited 4hrs for her friend and her friend didnt turn up, she tried to call but the friend blocked her trying to avoid her. I was at Tampines St 21 at that point of time.

She said that she’s staying at Telok Blangah, came all the way to Tampines knowing that her friend paitau her. She literally cried and vent her anger, I felt sorry for her, I kept saying “ya ya I understand I understand omg”. I pity her thats why I layan her but not knowing, she’s actually indirectly begging me for money.

She opened up her purse, only few cents inside and asking me if I could help her spare some dollars for her to go home “not too much la $10 is enough” I said I cant coz Im a student and I too need the money for my school allowance then she said “oh u’re a student ? I thought u’re a nurse or something. ok la $5 can ?” After giving her the $5 she said in malay “dik maaf eh, tk boleh lebih sikit eh ?” // “sorry ah girl, cannot abit more ah ?” Then yesterday I saw her again, this time round at Tampines One asking a Flight Attendant for money AGAIN. Just becareful, she’s currently targeting East side especially Tampines.

Just a reminder, if someone is really poor and beg u for money, they wont give u the ‘price’ they will definitely ask u to give them as much as u want, they’re not forcing and if u alrdy give them the money, they wont ask u for more. Take this as a lesson learnt guys. I would rather donate that $5 to the kids doing the Flag Day thingy

Updates: It appears that she have been doing this for many many years. Look at the photo below for her clearer view.

she did it again

Source: Ida Rahayu



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