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Petition to make refunds for Jay Chou “The Invincible” concert 2016 because they replaced speakers with dustbins





Target:Singapore Sports Hub, Multimedia Entertainment (Organiser of concert)
Jay Chou “The Invincible” Concert 2016 Singapore was held on 3rd September.

For the whole concert, audience who were not seated in line with the speakers or levelled with the stage only heard muffled sound and strong bass throughout. NONE of what Jay Chou was singing or talking could be heard sharply and clearly.

This was the same exact scenario two years back when Jay Chou held his concert in the newly opened stadium. Feedback was given back then, Singapore Sports Hub acknowledged the feedback and say will contact the organisers for improvements but there was NO improvements seen last night. And once again, Singapore Sports Hub gave the same template reply to the feedback given last night.

On the seating map, speakers round the stadium were promised but on actual day observation, none was seen.

We as consumers should not just keep quiet about this. Obviously, feedback was given but fallen on deaf ears. We paid for it, expecting quality but it was way below quality. Even 7th month getai has better standards.

As such, we should all stand together against this, and ask for refunds.

No one will speak up for you, not the Sports Hub, not the media, only YOU can speak up for yourself.

Your $118 might be little to the organisers, but it means a lot to you, months of savings, meals, bills. Are you going to let what you spent be gone in vain?

We request Multimedia Entertainment, organiser of Jay Chou “The Invincible” 2016 Concert Singapore leg, to make refunds to affected audience, and Singapore Sports Hub to give answers for repeated poor standards of concerts held at the National Stadium.

H/T: Gopetition



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