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Pervert pretended to sleep so he can rub & touch lady who sat beside him in the bus




Yesterday when I was on my way to pick up my kids, taking bus no. 168 from Woodlands to Tampines, a (senior) man sat in front of me next to a young lady while there are many empty seats around.
I thought of catching a short nap but my gut feeling told me to watch out for this guy’s manoeuvres.
When the bus was approaching Jalan Kayu bus stop, the bus had to turn left.. When the bus turned left, his body shifted and leaned towards the right with his right arm touched the lady’s left arm while pretending to be sleeping. But the funny thing was, when the bus turned right which by every logic his body should be leaning to the left, his arm was still in contact with the lady’s left arm. By then, the lady was struggling to lean towards a cramp place to her right.
I was glad that I didn’t took that nap that I really needed as it allowed me to witness the pathetic act. I reached my hand out to his shoulder and said “Boss, wake up.” He quickly leaned to his left and pretended to sleep all the way through his journey.

To all the ladies out there, if you encounter such act, quickly excuse yourself and move to other empty seat (best before the bus start to move). These kind of people want cheap thrill where a slightest touches would make their day. I said this because when the lady wanted to alight, he didn’t move aside. She had to pass across him with his face facing her butt and most probably his knees would have touched her legs. What a Sunday yesterday. 

Should anyone of you had the same experience, do come forward and let him face the music.



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