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‘Parrot Man’ arrested for disrupting buskers at Orchard Road



Credit: Facebook

Known as “Parrot Man”, Zeng Guoyuan, was arrested by the SPF at Orchard Road on 25th Aug 2018. The main cause of the arrest revolves around Mr Zeng’s verbal abuse of a busker in his 20s, who wishes to be only known as Mr Tan, and the disruption of the buskers community.

It is claimed that Mr Zeng had been blasting music from his speakers in Mr Tan’s designated busking area. When Mr Tan told Mr Zeng to lower the volume, the latter spurred vulgarities at him.

When Mr Zeng was approached by police officers, he shouted loudly and made a commotion. Despite being warned several times, he persisted in his actions. This resulted in his subsequent arrest by being hoisted off the ground together with his wheelchair and handcuffed.

Fake beggar getting arrested.

Posted by Titus KC Yap on Saturday, 25 August 2018

Many netizens are debating over whether the arrest of Zeng Guoyuan is necessary. The arrest has created a moral divide between netizens, where some of them believe that the arrest is uncompassionate while the majority are leaning towards condemnation for the things he have done.



Netizens have also raised their concerns over how the arrest took place. It is evident from the video that Zeng Guoyuan retaliated when the police officers went for the arrest, causing a scene. It is debated whether the police officers were being over aggressive and whether it was necessary for them to make the arrest. The Singapore Police Force’s competency is also brought to discussion.


This leaves the question of whether conmen should be allowed to continue ‘fake begging’ when it comes to them depending on it as their livelihood.


On a light-hearted note, many netizens have made hilarious comments about Mr Zeng’s pet parrot’s response to the arrest.





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