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Paediatrician was impatient and chased us out of the room reluctant to diagnose my baby!




A post by Cyn saying that she sent her baby to the clinic to get her baby checked but instead, she met with a horrible pediatrician.

This is what she said.

For those parents who staying in the west, don’t bother to bring ur kids to this PD. It’s just waste of time. (PD = pediatrician)
I never been to a PD and leave the clinic less than 10min. I have never seen a PD who talk less than 5 sentences.
The most unacceptable thing is, she chase us out of her room.
PD told me this is due to crawling. If tats the case, you didn’t my baby knee and elbow’s skin irritate and bleed??

I didn’t know tat my baby use one toe’s support to crawl around instead of her knee and elbow’s support. When I asked again, she just replies : “Possible. Any other questions?” Her eye looking at the door.
When I told her about my baby eczema condition ,she tells me baby is allergic to oil.

When I told her I don’t apply oil over my baby arm and chest, she told me : Dry skin. So, may I know is my baby allergy to oil or its dry skin?
And once again : “any other concerns? If not,u can go out.”



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