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Overprotective dad caught bullying on CCTV: Kicks, pushes and rough handles another child at indoor playground



A parent recently posted a video of a father physically assaulting a five year old child at a playground.

Photo Credit: Ow May Chen

In her post, Ow May Chen, a mother of two, reported that she had brought her two children, five year old Dexter and Wen to an indoor playground at Northpoint.

Overprotective dad

Overprotective dad caught bullying on CCTV: Kicks, pushes and rough handles another child at indoor playground.Read: credit: Sunshine Childhood Playground via Ow May Chen

Posted by Thelocalsociety on Monday, 9 April 2018

However, things turned ugly when another father who was present at the playground allegedly kicked, pushed and rough handled Dexter. Ms Ow posted a 2.48 minute video detailing the incident.

Netizens were quick to respond with many people calling out the father for his poor behaviour against a child who was obviously much younger then him.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Many argued that the father should have spoken to the parents first and asked them to intervene instead of resorting to physical violence.

However, on the flip side, netizens also called out Dexter’s mother for overreacting and for not keeping a closer eye on her son.

Photo Credit: Facebook

They accused Dexter of harassing the man and claimed that his reaction was justified and that it was not as violent as the mother described.

Photo Credit: Facebook

However, comments have emerged from a Facebook user who claims to be the boy’s sister, that claim that the child in the video is autistic.

According to an updated Facebook status made by Ms Ow, she has now lodged a police report against the father.

Photo Credit: Ow May Chen

What are your thoughts? Do you think the mother is overreacting or is she justified in how she feels? Let us know in the comments.

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