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New SMRT CEO sells car to take the train to work



They say talk is cheap. If you mean something, walk the talk to prove it. Neo Kian Hong is resolute on demonstrating this. Just barely a month after assuming his role as SMRT’s CEO, the former Chief of Defence Force revealed today that he recently sold his car and will not be buying a new one. Instead, like many of us, he will take public transport so as to “understand the issues” and “do work at the same time even as [he is] travelling.

Photo Credit: SMRT

“I sold my car earlier on but I didn’t want to buy a new car, because it is more useful for me to take the MRT to understand the issues and take our company’s assets like our taxis and buses,” Neo said.

Aww. Talk about putting yourself in the shoes of someone.

Photo Credit: TODAYonline

In addition, the 54-year-old has also moved near Shunfu with his family just so he can have ease of access to trains. “It’s because of this job. I moved near Shunfu to be exact, just to make sure I can take the trains to work and that it’s easier for me and that my family can support me in doing this,” he claimed.

On social media, it seems like Singaporeans are divided into two camps.

There’s those who aren’t impressed by his move…

And those who are willing to give him a chance.

This comes at a timing where SMRT is plagued with bad PR, given the transport operator’s recent train breakdowns and introduction of the infamous tip-up seats in a bid to save train space.

Let’s hope Neo will get the enlightenment —so to speak— he needs from taking public transport to work from now on, and proposes feasible changes for commuters’ travels.



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