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Mystery hand in drowning video proves to be fake



Recently, a video started circulating of a young boy drowning. However, the main focus of the video was the screen grabs which suggested that there was a mysterious hand on the boy’s leg.

In the video, which was originally posted by Facebook user Eiyna Sharina, a young boy could be seen struggling in an unidentified pool. The boy was going to drown but was thankfully rescued by his father.

This was her full post:

The boy had to be pulled up… he was going to drown. Luckily his father carried him…

Accompanying the post and the video were zoomed in screen grabs of a a ‘mysterious’ hand on the child’s leg.

The hand did not belong to the father or the child and seemed ghostly. The original post seemed to suggest that this unknown hand was responsible for the boy’s near drowning experience.

However, some keen-eyed netizens noticed that the hand belonged to a third person who was hidden in the footage but who was in the pool as well.


Their observations were proved to be correct when Facebook user Rezha Habibulah posted a longer version of the video on the same thread. The video showed the third person in the pool and confirmed that the hand was not in fact a ghostly apparition.

The boy who almost drowned was saved in time and was fine.

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