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My boyfriend vomited blood as sharp object found in Yakitori while we were dine at a Japanese restaurant




User Uni Belle reported on her post that she dine at Pecori An restaurant with her boyfriend. They ordered Yakitori and her boyfriend felt something sharp in his throat.

This is what she said:

Around 7pm , we dine in at Pecori An at Chinatown Point Level 2 . We order some Yakitori , after eating one of the Yakitori my boyfriend feel something sharp in his throat.

Feeling a little breathless and vomited with blood in it. We decided to go to the hospital. We didn’t really eat anything that we ordered. I then approached one of the staff regarding the incident and the staff told me to go to the boss , Mr Miraok Yoshiki. I told him I’m willing to pay for my food and heading to the hospital.

If anything to do with the food , I’ll ask for the medical bill & food bill . Immediately his response is ” i don’t know , i need to talk to my lawyer ” . Not being concern about his customer he still insist it’s nothing to do with his food. We left to one of the nearby clinic , doctor advise to go to the A&E immediately.

Went to A&E and doctor remove a metal piece from his throat . Doctor also say if it goes down , they have to perform a surgery. NEA reported.

Please do not dine in to this restaurant if you don’t want to die early.Please Share



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