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Mother-in-law irate at Daughter who brought pig-shaped bread on Qing Ming



This Qing Ming Festival, something interesting happened!


Roasted pig is typically one of the most important offerings to bring to your ancestor’s tomb during Qing Ming Festival. One whole roasted pig can cost up to a few hundred Yuan when it is high in demand. Recently, a lady decided to spice things up (maybe in the wrong way at the wrong time!) to save money but did not win the approval of her mother-in-law.

In this year’s Qing Ming, Lee, decided to flex her creative muscles and improvise to save money. She inventively replaced the O.G. roasted pig with a loaf of bread in the shape of a pig shaped like which she ordered from a bakery in Guangzhou, China.

Externally, the bread looked strikingly similar to the real deal and it even had the golden brown crust that resembles crispy pig skin! The bread helped to cut cost as it cost way cheaper than the original roasted pig.

One day before Qing Ming, Lee arrived at the cemetery with the pig-shaped bread and her mother-in-law became deranged after finding out the situation. She saw the bread as an insult to their ancestors and family, and went on to call Lee ‘unfilial’.

Lee was devastated as her plan to save some money backfired. In the last few years, she would spend a few hundred Yuan to order a roasted pig from a local restaurant during the lead up to Qing Ming. Understandably, the cost of the pigs has become a financial burden, weighing heavily on her.

Furthermore, the fact of the matter is that the roasted pig would usually end up in the trash bin because her family is unable to finish such a huge size of the roasted pig.

“It’s the thoughts that count when we offer food to our ancestors. It doesn’t matter if it’s a roasted pig or a pig-shaped bread, they all represent our thoughts,” Lee said.

It was reported that the pig-shaped bread only cost 39.90 Yuan (approx RM24.50). With a voucher, the price can be reduced to 20 Yuan (approx RM13), which is a tenth of the roasted pig’s price! Sounds like this is more worth it doesn’t it?

With the ever-increasing cost of living, more and more people are switching to pig-shaped bread or even “vegetarian” pigs as offerings for their ancestors nowadays. The younger generation is also doing away with traditional food offerings to reduce wastage.

What do you think of this situation? Tell us what you would do if you were in Lee’s shoes!


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