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Does having ‘money to burn’ entitle you to a family lot?: Woman apparently thinks so



Facebook user Daniel Choo recently took to Facebook to post about an encounter with a rude women in a carpark who parked her car in a lot reserved for families.

Photo Credit: Daniel Choo

Recently, Daniel, a man who was travelling with two kids and a baby at that time, filmed an ugly encounter with a women over a family lot.

Photo Credit: Daniel Choo

The women, who was driving alone, had parked her car in a bigger lot that was reserved for families. When approached, the woman then proceeded to tell Daniel that she had “three cars” and “money to burn”.

After Daniel tried to reason with her, she claimed that it was “first come first served” when it came to parking in that lot.

To which an exasperated Daniel explained that family lots were not first come first serve but rather went according to the person’s needs. He further explained this in the edited note he added to his original Facebook post.

Photo Credit: Daniel Choo

The video can be viewed here.

This is also not the first time that this woman has been noticed for inconsiderate driving and parking.

Netizens who saw the post reported seeing her inconsiderate parking acts at the block of flats where she reportedly lives.

Photo credit: Facebook

Facebook user Minghui Ming also recently uploaded a video of the same driver cutting recklessly  into her lane at a turning. This overtaking move is illegal and could have caused an accident. It would appear that the driver has no real concern about other drivers.

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