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Men buy flower garlands for female entertainers at coffee shop in Woodlands



If you’ve ever been to a Thai disco, you probably would have seen men spending money to buy flower garlands or sashes to adorn female entertainers.

However, this is not a common sight in Singapore. Much less in a coffee shop in the heartlands.

Last week, Facebook user Debbie Simpson Ong posted two videos on Facebook showing female entertainers singing in front of two men while they paid money to buy flower garlands to put around them.

In the video, one man can be seen paying a girl holding a bunch of flower garlands. The girl hands him and his friend a garland each and they out them over the woman who is singing.

This was Debbie’s full post:

This…. Happens in heartland area…
I guess the police also cannot do anything hor.

Apparently, this was supposed to be a promotional event for the coffee shop in Woodlands.

The post has since been shared 3.8k times and netizens are divided on the appropriateness of the event.

Some claim that this is just another way to earn tips for an entertainment act and that as long as all the appropriate licences have been obtained, there is nothing wrong with it.

Others felt the act was inappropriate and it was more likely that it was illegal.

What do you think? Should this be considered okay or should the authorities be getting involved?

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