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Man sentenced to 20 months jail for animal cruelty and pet abandoment



AVA was alerted to a case of alleged animal cruelty in Nov 2016. A toy poodle, Brownie, died after sustaining multiple injuries. Investigations found that 45-year-old Yeo Poh Kwee did not bring his dog to seek veterinarian treatment, which resulted in its death.

In Dec 2016, we received feedback on a dog carcass found with blood stains along the nearby walls and floors. Investigations revealed that the toy poodle, Yoyi, belonged to Yeo, but was not licensed.

Today, Yeo was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for animal cruelty, and 2 months imprisonment for pet abandonment. He was also issued a 12-month disqualification order, which disqualifies him from owning any animal upon his release.

Safeguarding animal welfare is a shared responsibility. Let’s do our part to stop animal cruelty and abuse.

Report cases of animal cruelty to AVA via our 24-hour hotline, 1800-476-1600 or our website.



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