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Man molests girl on the bus then ask for a second chance as he had another molestation case



Louisa Lee shared a post on social media claiming that she got molested on the bus by this unknown man.

This happened on Sunday (20 May) morning.

Lee shouted and alerted the bus captain and told the bus captain to call the police.

According to her, this man panicked when he realised that the bus captain refused to open the doors to let him out and he also kneeled down and even said that he had another molestation case.

This is her full post:

“Early in the morning, I got molested in the bus by this pervert. Thankfully the bus captain saw what he did also as well. No, do not keep quiet, I shouted at him and asked to report it to the police. Perverts like this should just be kept away and not even given a chance to be outside.

He was panicking and asking the driver to open the door, he kneeled down and even said he had another molestation case. So yes if you have a molestation case, don’t you dare to molest more people. Make sure you are jailed for a Long Long time with canning.

This photo was taken when I was outside the bus to stay away from him because he was getting aggressive to get close to me.

He was “scolding” me, but the other passengers was scolding him. I am so Glad that even as strangers, the bus driver, some passengers protected me and asked if I was okay.

Girls, please do not keep quiet and let this kind of perverts go scot-free”

Comments from netizens

Netizens applauded Louisa’s actions by standing up for herself but there are some who blame her for her appearance.


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This monkey.

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