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Man molests 6 girls in 2 weeks: Sticks masking tape on fingers to avoid getting caught



A male nurse has molested six girls in two weeks. The perpetrator planned his attacks well and even put masking tape on his fingers to avoid being identified by his DNA.

Photo Credit: Shin Min Daily News

Aldrin Illias, 39, pleaded guilty on Friday (April 6) to six charges of outraging modesty and another charge of performing an obscene act in public. Shin Min Daily News reported that  he was given three years’ jail and 10 strokes of the cane for his crimes.

The court heard that Aldrin specifically planned his attacks between 6am to 7am so that his victims would have less of a chance to inform their parents.

He also planned his attacks to happen at overhead bridges near schools so that he could see his victims and escape easily. He was also specific about his choice in victim and would choose them based on their build, weight and school uniform.

Aldrin specifically targetted primary school students as according to him, they were less likely to report the case rather then those in secondary schools.

To further protect himself fro the law, Aldrin wrapped his fingers in masking tape to avoid his DNA being found on the victims. he also prepared a number of different sets of clothing in order to evade the police.

Photo Credit: Shin Min Daily News

On July 15 last year,  Aldrin planned an attack near Punggol Road. He parked his motorcycle some distance away and started to smoke at a dustbin next to an overhead bridge.

He spotted a 12 year old girl and approached her. He told her that there was something on her shirt and when she looked down, he grabbed her left breast.

Aldrin then ran off and escaped on his motorbike. The girl and her mother later went on to lodge a police report.

Aldrin later preyed on five other victims between the ages of 10 and 15 years old in similar ways.


While being sentenced, District Judge Sandra Looi said that Aldrin’s offences were meticulously planned and had “a high level of premeditation”.

For each count of outraging modesty, Aldrin could have been jailed for two years, fined and caned.

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