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Man jumps onto car at St James unprovoked: Arrested and to be charged in court



A man jumped onto the bonnet of a Grab driver’s car and then proceeded to climb over his windshield to the top of the car. The incident was unprovoked and has incited mass rage amongst netizens.

Photo Credit: Belleiansa Xu

On Saturday (May 5), Facebook user Belleiansa Xu’s father, who is a Grab driver, was driving near St James Power Station when a man jumped onto his car in what seemed to be an entirely unprovoked incident.

In the dashboard camera footage that was posted on Belleiansa’s Facebook page, a young man in a black t-shirt and cap could be seen rushing at the car and then leaping onto the bonnet.

The driver  sounded his horn but the man simply stepped on his windshield and climbed up to the top of the car.

Photo Credit: Belleiansa Xu

The driver could be heard in the video saying in Mandarin: “Don’t be like that.”

It was alleged that the man’s friends even shouted at the driver: “We apologised already. What more do you want?”

Fearful for his safety and wanting to avoid confrontation, the driver drove off.

Photo Credit: Belleiansa Xu

In response to this incident, the 72-year-old driver’s son took to Facebook to attempt to find the perpetrator.

He wrote:

Hello!! Do u have nothing better to do than to bully a 72 years old grab driver? My dad has done nothing to provoke u. You jumped on his car and your friend even shouted “ we apologised already, what’s more u want?” Fearing for his safety, my dad drove off to prevent confrontation. Please share and make him famous. Dun think you can escape just like this. I will get you! Pls pm me if anyone knows the perpetrator. Thanks

The post was shared over 7,000 times and was reported in news outlets and Facebook groups such as STOMP and Road.SG.

Thankfully, the man was arrested by the police the next morning. Belleiansa wrote in an updated post:

Thank you guys who had helped me share and like. The perpetrator has been arrested this morning to a case of rash act. I had never expected such an overwhelming response. I received so many calls from brothers and messages from public to offer help. I personally would like to thank SG Road Vigilante,, stomp, sureboh sg etc for helping me post on their respective pages. You guys are awesome. With the closure of this episode, I hope we can all put this behind us and move on. Thank u so much.

In response to questions by STOMP, a police spokesperson said of the case:

On May 5 at about 3am, the police were alerted to a case of rash act at 3 Sentosa Gateway. A 26-year-old man has been arrested in relation to the case and he will be charged in court on May 7, 2018.

What are your thoughts on the incident? Let us know in the comments.

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