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Man finds cockroach in his assam laksa from his food delivery order



Have you ever found a hair in your food and lost your appetite immediately? Count yourselves lucky that you did not find a cockroach in your food as this man did.

On 30 June 2019, Sunday, Mr Falaumaina Mohd Sharil posted a post of Facebook recounting his traumatising dinner experience.

He had ordered a bowl of Assam Laksa from Penang Culture – Street Food Paradise Compass One through food delivery service Foodpanda and after taking a few bites of it, he noticed that there was a cockroach floating in his soup.

After making the gruesome discovery, he called up the restaurant to let them know what had happened. The manager was unapologetic and responded saying that the fault did not lie with them, but with the Foodpanda rider.

Mr Falaumaina Mohd Sharil also mentioned that he feels that the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) should go down and check on the restaurant’s kitchen.

Comments on the post were mostly supporting the rider and saying that it can’t possibly be his fault.

Others felt that he should make a complaint to NEA regarding the situation.

Whatever the outcome is, we hope that the problem will be solved and that no future diners will be finding any unwelcome ingredients in their Assam Laksa.

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