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Man enters female bathroom at SIM and films student in second offence: Police arrest him



Facebook user Liyin Li recently took to Facebook to share a scary story about being filmed while using the bathroom.

Liyin was using a female bathroom at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) when she felt uneasy. Looking up, she saw a phone perched over the edge of a stall.

She immediately left the cubicle and pretended to leave the bathroom while getting a friend to come over to her.

The man who was filming her in the bathroom took some time to come out and even pretended to flush the toilet twice.

When he came out, Liyin confronted him and asked him why he was in the female bathroom. The man claimed that he had a stomach ache and had gone into the wrong bathroom accidentally. However, this was unlikely considering that he mentioned that his class was at level two but this was a bathroom at level four.

He continued to deny filming her till she decided to call the police. The police mentioned that this was not the man’s first offence.

This is the full post:

(10.45am, BLK B level 4SIM)

To all female students in SIM and everywhere else, PLEASE BEWARE of this guy if you ever see him in school especially when he is roaming around the toilet.

While I was in the cubicle doing my business, I felt something above and when I turned to look, I saw a phone over the edge. I immediately left the cubicle and pretended that I had left the toilet while I was actually waiting for him outside with my friend that I texted to come over immediately. he took a while to come out and pretended to flush the toilet twice lol. when he came out, we questioned why was he in the female toilet and he said he had a stomach ache and went into the wrong toilet ACCIDENTALLY.

He was denying it till we decided to call the police. We asked him where was his class and he said level two BUT, WE WERE AT LEVEL 4. So how did he accidentally go into the female toilet at level 4 while having a stomach ache with his class being at level 2? lmao, good attempt to lie ?

Police said that this was NOT HIS FIRST OFFENCE.

Liyin ended her post by issuing a warning to people when visiting the bathrooms alone at the school or in public.

The police have since said that they have arrested the man in a suspected case of insulting the modesty of a woman

Many netizens were naturally enraged with many asking why he was able to commit this crime a second time and why he was not dealt with properly after his first offence.

The post has since been shared 3.9k times.

Police investigations are ongoing.

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