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Man attacked 5-year-old kid at mini-mart for unknown reasons. SPF were called in.



Vivien Chan posted on social media reporting that she encountered an incident happened to her son at Blk 182A Rivervale Crescent. The post has garnered over 4,000 shares as of today.

Police were called in but there wasn’t any case.

This is what she wrote in full:

Despite reading a few cases of such incident in the media, I had never thought such absurd thing will happen to my kid and my family. My youngest 5 year old Jovian was attacked by a man for no apparent reason. Sound familiar is it? Javion was slapped and kicked by a stranger at Blk 182A Rivervale Cresent while browsing in a mini-mart with my maid probably before 9am.

After the assault on his right face and the back ( I would say his entire head as he was so small compared his peer for his age), thankfully my maid was able to prevent any more attack from this lunatic fucker and she also challenged him why he wanted to hit the kid.

My maid returned to home and shouted for her Sir (my husband) to go down to find the attacker. This would be very familiar to recent case that a Yishun man accused of kicking a child and slapping a kindergartner for no reason.

However, this case was different, closed but no cigar, why? Apparently, thanks to the inefficient, unresponsive, unreliable, disappointing Sengkang NPP and the assigned IO, the attacker is still happily at home and loitering in the vicinity and looking for the next prey!

My hubby and I didn’t manage to get hold of the culprit after we rushed down with the maid to the vicinity, witnesses around the mini-mart and coffee shop at the same block pointed out that he had escaped to the same building. From words of mouths, he was a regular at the coffee house and had the look of a druggie, always stone-looking. Police were called and they arrived 25min later, nothing was done as they claimed they will file a case and wait for further instruction, however they did leave a number so that if we manage to come across the attacker, Police will come and arrest him.

About evening time, after medical check for Javion at the hospital to assess his injury, we managed to come across the attacker. Thanks to keen eyes from the earlier witnesses. We didn’t confront him but follow him and learnt the level he is residing. We immediately called the Police, as instructed with the given number.

Three policemen arrived, however, no arrest was made, police claimed that they cant do anything to him!!! Despite repeated requests and questioning and reasoning, only things we get from the Police were shit attitudes, yet they only said pending for instruction from the respective IO MR HUZAIR. My husband called the Investigation officer and told him what had happened, yet the only response from him is “Have you said enough? I’m busy”.

For your record, we had the witnesses, the location of the culprit, the evident /recording from mini-marts CCTV… yet no action had been taken. We had tried countless alternatives, calling 999 again, SK police centre, nothing seen to work.

As a parent residing in Spore, I’m really worried, is this really the only way (to wait) and is this the protection we are getting from the useless lame SPF! I hope by putting this in the media, someone could shed some enlightenment. (We only the citizens now we can get the CCTV ourselves from the minimart but the USELESS lame SPF for three days still haven’t wanted to take the CCTV record and we also have the witness too. They only know the salary day, holiday and off day)

H/T: Vivien



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